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For acting it's the BAFTAs, for singing, the Brit Awards, for fiction writing, the Man Booker Prize. When it comes to the arts, everyone knows what awards are sure signs of excellence. But what about recognition for something far less glamorous but arguably far more important?

What about recognition for helping organisations excel by improving their onboarding, their training and ultimately their overall performance? That’s what the Brandon Hall Excellence Technology Awards are all about. But why should this matter to you and your homecare agency?

Because 2018 saw homecare training platform On.Board win a Bronze Award for Best Advance in Mobile Learning Technology.

Our innovative mobile learning and coaching platform is designed to improve the performance of your homecare agency so when your next CQC inspection rolls around you might just get the equivalent of a prestigious award by achieving an Outstanding rating from the CQC.

Here’s why independent senior industry experts decided On.Board was worthy of an award and how your homecare agency can reap the benefits.

It comes down to these 4 unique, award-winning On.Board features:  

The Performance Hub

Connecting your homecare workers to their mentors

Working largely in isolation and under pressure it’s easy for your homecare workers to feel disconnected from your agency, overwhelmed by their work and disengaged from their training.

The Performance Hub gives your managers the opportunity to review every step of your homecare workers’ training through completed activities. More importantly, it allows them to act as mentors, providing regular digital feedback to motivate your homecare workers through praise and constructive criticism.

With your homecare workers engaged and supported they are far more likely to complete their training and excel in their roles.

Evidence-based testing

Helping your homecare workers apply theory in practice

Reciting guidance learnt by rote and quoting policy verbatim doesn’t mean your homecare workers will know how to apply all that theory to real-world situations. On.Board actively encourages them to do just that by allowing you to build customised training activities.

You can prompt your homecare workers to put their theory into practice and through self-reflection forms they can digest how well they achieved this, with their mentors feeding back to reinforce good practise.

Easy to build training programmes

Providing comprehensive homecare training

The CQC demands you provide effective homecare training to equip your staff to provide quality care in the face of an array of challenging situations. This training involves e-learning, observations and workplace shadowing.

Keeping track of each of these threads to your homecare workers’ training is essential to meet CQC requirements but is also labour intensive. On.Board makes it easy by providing a single platform to host e-learning, log observations and workplace shadowing, as well as create customised quizzes and embed videos and images.

All of this sits within a platform that is branded with your agency logo, imagery and colours for a professional look to training that covers every angle.

Advanced reporting

Ensuring you know exactly what’s going on

You’d expect a homecare training platform to provide you with quick and easy reports on the progress of each of your homecare workers. On.Board certainly does that but it does a whole lot more.

Mentoring significantly improves the effectiveness of training, which is why the feedback of your managers to your homecare workers is so important. On.Board provides manager performance reports so you can track how often, how much and how quickly your managers are providing that feedback. You can also get reports on the performance of your training programme.

With all of this information to hand you’ll know exactly where your homecare training is exceling and where it needs improvement, so you can make the changes you need to create a highly skilled team of homecare workers.     

If you want your homecare workers to be better than good, if you want your agency to be outstanding, then you need award-winning help. You need On.Board. Request your free demo here.


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