The importance of creative communication in homecare training

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When it comes to providing the best quality homecare and homecare training, one of the most important tools an agency can use is communication. Whether that is between a Registered Manager and their team; a homecare worker and a service user; or a service user and their family, communication plays a vital role in every part of the homecare industry.

However, communicating effectively is fraught with problems. What if verbally expressing yourself is a problem area for you? What if you speak a different language? What if you have a medical issue that affects your ability to speak? Those who are deaf, people with autism, Down’s Syndrome, cognitive, multisensory or language impairments, neurological disorders and people who have had a stroke can all struggle with speech. Some of these people also have issues with movement, making sign language difficult.


Picture this. You’re on a busy, loud road and someone in a car pulls up and asks for directions. They’re struggling to understand what you’re saying over the noise, so what do you do? For most of us, our natural instinct would be to use body language – gestures, pointing, wherever possible.

Makaton is a language programme that uses signs (gestures) and symbols (pictures) to aid speech and promote effective communication. Every day, it prevents 100,000 children and adults from becoming frustrated and excluded by speech issues. It’s also featured in award-winning children’s TV programme Something Special, which  has received a great deal of acclaim for its pioneering efforts in bringing Makaton into the mainstream for children.

Bringing Makaton into the world of homecare

When it comes to providing outstanding levels of care, the key is to ensure that your service puts people first. If your agency can do this in a new, creative way that stimulates inclusion and involvement, all the better.

That is precisely what ‘Outstanding’ rated Wilf Ward Family Trust Domiciliary Care Ryedale and Whitby did. They devised an innovative new way to boost communication between their staff and service users: a Makaton choir.  

Using well-known songs, the choir helps the agency staff and the people they support learn Makaton and therefore better communicate with each other. Their positive promotion of alternative methods of communication earnt them praise from the CQC: “the use of Makaton had been embraced and encouraged throughout the service in a fun and interactive way”.

On.Board promotes communication in homecare training

If you are looking for creative, innovative ways to make your agency stand out, how about looking into using our new training platform, On.Board.  

Innovative communication

Facilitate easy communication with our easy-to-use homecare training interface. On.Board actively prompts feedback between homecare workers and their mentors or managers, resulting in a cycle of continuous improvement and support.

Inclusive options

Make sure all of your staff are included, regardless of their physical abilities, language or time constraints. Choose the media that best suits the way you want to communicate, whether that is via plain text, audio, images or even video.  

If you would like to find out more about how On.Board can help your agency become a creative communicator and get ahead of the competition, visit here to book a free demo.


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