Does your business success depend on a workforce which is consistently job ready?

Verify the procedural compliance and operational safety of your engineers and technicians through our award winning platform.

On.Board enables you to evidence capability and drive feedback from your experts, maximising their impact on quality and consistency.

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Theory + Application + Feedback (x On.Board)

Deep technical competence develops over time, primarily through job experience, rather than reading theory or completing online training modules. Whilst these are important and necessary elements of your engineers’ and technicians’ development, we believe the practical and skilled nature of their work demands a more hands-on learning experience.

When designing our platform On.Board, we sought to leverage the 70:20:10 model and integrate up-to-the-minute mobile features to improve learning in the field.  The result is a user-friendly platform, which combines content and practice with evaluation and feedback to develop consistently competent technicians fast.

Eliminate costly errors and enhance safety by embedding a culture of learning excellence in your technical workforce.

So what is it?

On.Board provides effective learning by:

  1. Hosting content
  2. Enabling practice tasks
  3. Evidencing learning
  4. Facilitating feedback
  5. Validating correct practice

Why it works

Technical training relies on a great deal of content. On.Board amplifies the value of your content by linking it to workplace tasks that trigger feedback from your experts and managers.

Traditional learning
  • 4

    Learner captures evidence to demonstrate outcomes of the task

  • 5

    Manager/Coach views evidence and provides specific and timely feedback

  • 6

    Digital record available of learners competence and job capabilty

  • 1

    Learner receives pre-requisite knowledge

  • 2

    Learner confirms understanding via quiz/test

  • 3

    Learner completes workplace task

The On.Board approach

Why is it different?

Traditional Learning


Learner completes pre-requisite learning


Learner confirms learning via quiz/test


Learner completes experiential activity

Approach with On.Board


Learner produces evidence to demonstrate outcomes of the activity


Manager/Coach can view evidence and provide specific and timely feedback


Both parties are engaged to deliver complete learning and behaviour change

Imagine the difference

Imagine getting your teams to higher levels of capability, fast.

Imagine competence gaps being illuminated through easily accessible evidence.

Imagine a team of engaged professionals that stay with you longer.

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