Robots: The next big thing in Homecare?

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Robots have been around in manufacturing for a while now, making their first appearance at General Motors back in 1962. Fast forward to 2019, and robots are integral in our everyday lives. They manufacture our clothes and food, they build our electronics and even drive our cars. There are new robots for new purposes being launched at every trade and technology show around the world at a rapid rate. They are solving human problems left, right and centre, but what about the crisis in the homecare industry?

The problem

The world of homecare is suffering from a workforce shortage that currently only looks to get worse. In addition, the homecare training offered to existing staff is often missing the mark, meaning staff feel unsupported, resulting in a high turnover.

Are robots the solution?

The idea of using robots in homecare is certainly nothing new. In fact, in October last year, Pepper the ‘carebot’ answered the MPs’ questions in Westminster.  The culturally-aware robot addressed parliament, claiming to be the answer to the homecare crisis, with the ability to “boost independence, reduce loneliness and improve the quality of life among elderly people.” Pepper is already in use at the Shin-tomi nursing home in Tokyo, where over 20 models are used to help with the daily care of residents.

Can robots replace homecare workers?

The question is, can a robot ever replace the sensitive nuance and soft skills that are taught within homecare training? Can a robot ever truly replicate the spectrum of empathy and understanding that a well-trained home carer can provide?

We don’t think robots are quite ready to handle the complex task of homecare. Just consider the following 5 sticking points:

It is of course difficult for humans to develop sufficient soft skills too,

but in this regard we do believe that technology can help.

Introducing On.Board

On.Board is a brand new training app that helps your agency provide a truly outstanding homecare training programme. The app allows homecare workers to communicate directly with their experienced mentors and managers. This allows them to develop vital homecare soft skills, which are often difficult to pick up, such as compassion, empathy, warmth, patience and understanding.  

Homecare training using On.Board is not a one-size-fits-all approach, nor is it a fixed programme. Due to the provision of digital feedback on real-life situations, the homecare training received is as individual in nature as the person receiving the training.

Learn more about how On.Board can future-proof your agency. Visit here to book a free demo.


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