Return on Investment: How On.Board Improves Your ROI

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You forked out money on job ads, your senior staff invested precious time sifting through applicants and interviewing them and finally you managed to fill those vacant carer posts. Time and money well spent, right? Only if they stick around, and that’s a big ‘if’ with 4 in ten homecare workers leaving their roles every year, according to a report by the King’s Fund.

Proper onboarding is essential to ensuring your new hires stay with you. It’s been proven time and time again across industries. Homecare training platform On.Board is designed to help you do just that by ensuring your carers get the training they need to succeed. When they succeed, so does your agency and that’s where your bottom line comes in.

The costs of running your agency

When you think about the outgoings at your agency, there are those costs that are reasonable and essential for running an effective organisation: staff salaries, advertising, overheads and training. But then there are those that are more of a headache:

  • The cost of replacing new hires who suddenly leave mid-way through their homecare training
  • The cost of resolving service user complaints over care they received
  • The cost of carers frequently going on sick leave as the job overwhelms them
  • The cost of administrative staff burdened with growing paperwork to track your carers’ training.

These costs all mount up and can end up hurting your bottom line considerably. On.Board can help you reduce each and every one of them.

How On.Board can save you money

On.Board is an award-winning homecare training platform, which brings together e-learning, workplace shadowing and observations into one easily-accessible place. Its features are designed to help you deliver effective training to your carers, resulting in high quality care services. But On.Board also helps reduce carer absenteeism and administrative costs and increase carer retention and competency. Here’s how:

Carers who stay

To retain your carers you need to make sure they feel supported, valued and empowered in their roles, despite working largely in isolation.

On.Board connects your carers with mentors and coaches through individual hubs created for each On.Board learner. These hubs enable regular digital feedback between carers and their mentors, so they get the guidance and support they need and are not left feeling isolated and underappreciated. Through both praise and constructive criticism, carers are motivated to complete their homecare training and strive for excellence in their roles.

Carers who know what to do and how to do it

To develop competent, confident carers takes more than just e-learning. It requires in-depth understanding and application of theory to real-world scenarios, as well as the soft skills to do this well.

On.Board supports the theory side of things by allowing you to embed e-learning modules, videos and images, as well as create customised quizzes. But it also deals with the practical application of theory by prompting your carers to apply their newfound knowledge during their everyday work and then review this activity to assess how well they fared using self-reflection forms.

To help develop soft skills, On.Board facilitates regular mentor feedback where an experienced hand can help cultivate the right approach to the many and varied challenges your carers will face.

The overall result is a highly skilled, effective and compassionate team of carers, who are therefore inherently less likely to make mistakes and more likely to understand their service users’ needs. This ultimately means fewer complaints.  

Carers who are happy and satisfied

Carers who are ill-equipped to deal with the pressures of the job, from time constraints to service users with complex mental and physical needs, will go off sick more often.

On.Board is built around mentoring, which ensures carers can benefit from the support and experience of those who have been in the industry for longer. This helps new carers build the resilience they’ll need to cope with the demands of the job.

Admin time saved

Tracking the completion of different e-learning modules, logging observations and recording workplace shadowing all takes time. The more carers you have, the more administrative time this eats up. Going paperless helps, but not when paper is swapped for multiple software packages and complicated spreadsheets.

On.Board provides a single platform to track every aspect of your carers’ training. What’s more, it provides quick, clear reports on your carers’ progress, which you can use for your own reviews and to satisfy the CQC at your next inspection.

The benefits of investing in On.Board are clear but let’s talk numbers. After all, with all the goodwill in the world, if your homecare training doesn’t ultimately bring in financial gains it won’t matter how well trained your carers are, as you won’t be able to afford to keep them on.

Your return on investment

Calculating your return on investment is a fairly straightforward equation:

Your ROI = ((Monetary benefits – Training costs) / Training costs) x 100

The tricky part comes with quantifying those monetary benefits. But as we touched upon earlier there are some tangible outcomes that more effective training through On.Board can bring about. Just consider the following questions in regards to your outgoings over the last few years:

  • How much did you spend on advertising to fill vacant carer posts?
  • How much did you spend on postage and packing to provide new hires with ongoing training material or updates to changes in policy?
  • How much time did your administrative staff spend updating records on carers’ training?
  • How many new care contracts were you able to take on or conversely, how many contracts did you have to hand back?
  • How much time did your managers have to spend dealing with service user complaints?
  • How many days of sick leave did your carers take on average?

The answers to these questions can all be turned into Pounds and pence for a before and after comparison of the financial impact of your investment in On.Board. As for the training costs part of the equation, we can help with that.

The cost of an On.Board license

To offer you greater flexibility, we provide both annual and quarterly license options, with costs based on recurring contracts. The more learners included on the license, the less it costs per learner, with On.Board able to accommodate any number of learners from tens to thousands.

What’s more, On.Board license costs are based on the number of active users. This means as staff come and go, the cost of your license will stay the same as leavers’ accounts are deactivated and new hires get active accounts.

For comparison’s sake, let’s take 50 active users or learners.

An On.Board license will cost you £7000 upfront for the year or for a quarterly license, £2700 for the first quarter and £2100 thereafter.

This means for 50 learners an On.Board license works out at £140 per learner on an annual contract or £180 per learner on a quarterly contract.

As we mentioned above, the more learners included, the lower the cost. Take 200 learners and the per learner fee for the year drops to just £60, for 250 learners it drops again to £48.

However many learners you have, your first instinct may still be to compare this to the £20 or so spent per learner on a simplistic, out-of-the-box e-learning package or, for more comprehensive e-learning from an established provider, a cost of around £40 per learner.

When every penny counts, even a small price difference matters but as we’ve already covered, investing in On.Board results in cost savings on multiple fronts, so you end up with a significant return on investment.

However, we understand that basing your decision to choose On.Board on a predicted, future ROI isn’t easy. So what will you get right now with an On.Board license? What features can you benefit from that you won’t get with a standard e-learning package?

On.Board features provide a worthwhile investment

  1. A single platform to host e-learning, observations and workplace shadowing reports
  2. Performance hubs to connect your carers with real people to support them through their training
  3. Nine different kinds of paperless reports, quickly and easily generated, including reports on learner progress, manager feedback and training programme performance
  4. Branding across the entire platform to match that of your agency, using your logo, images and colour palette
  5. Self-reflection forms to reinforce the practical application of theoretical knowledge gained during carer training
  6. Full flexibility when it comes to designing your training programme, with the option to build as many programs as you want and/or embed any number of e-learning modules or other online content.

See it and you’ll believe it

Invest in On.Board today and you’ll reap the returns for years to come. Its intuitive design and comprehensive features will transform your homecare training and give your agency the boost it needs in today’s challenging market. Try it for yourself, request your free demo here and see exactly what we’re talking about.  


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