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Mass-produced mobile phones hugely changed the way we communicate with each other. Then came smartphones, revolutionising not only the way we talk to each other but the way we access information, travel, shop and entertain ourselves. Both technologies were ground-breaking but there’s a huge difference between the two. Change the scenario from how we communicate, to how we learn and it’s a similar story when it comes to the technology involved.

e-learning made it quicker and easier for organisations to teach and test their staff but On.Board takes staff training to a whole new level. In the ever-strained homecare industry, with funding and resources under constant pressure, it’s precisely this kind of innovation in homecare training that is needed.

If you want your agency to succeed when so many are failing, then you need to make sure your carers are up to the task. That means providing homecare training that not only meets CQC requirements but exceeds them.

The full homecare training package

The CQC recognises that e-learning alone is not enough for comprehensive homecare training, setting out guidelines in the Care Certificate involving observations and workplace shadowing. On.Board isn’t an e-learning platform, it’s much more than that. It’s a single platform that brings together e-learning, observations and workplace shadowing records.

To really appreciate the difference between currently available homecare e-learning platforms and On.Board, here is a quick comparison of how On.Board stacks up against basic and more advanced e-learning platforms in 4 keys areas:


With your basic e-learning platform, there is no customisation. Invest in something a bit more advanced and you may be able to upload a few company policies and that’s about it.

With On.Board you can, as the name suggests, fully onboard your new hires from uploading proof of identification to video introductions to your team and company culture. You can also upload any number of company documents and multimedia, as well as brand the platform with your agency logo and colours.


A basic e-learning platform unsurprisingly provides basic content, simple quizzes that can become tick box exercises and fail to challenge your carers or stimulate them to think more deeply about their role. More advanced packages provide plentiful content, reams and reams of it that your carers are tasked with getting through unsupported (more on support later).

On.Board meanwhile does not provide readymade content but gives you the flexibility to build or embed any number of training programmes. As policies change or new guidelines are introduced, all you need to do is create a new module with On.Board’s user-friendly interface and customised quizzes or embed new content from elsewhere.

Logging observations and workplace shadowing is also accommodated via On.Board, so you don’t need to grapple with yet more programmes, spreadsheets or piles of paperwork. With On.Board it’s all tracked in one place.


Basic or advanced, e-learning platforms do not come with a support network. That’s all on you and with your carers more often than not out on visits this isn’t easy to do. On.Board provides a solution with its Performance Hub, a way to connect your carers with their mentors and managers.

Every stage of your carers’ training progress can be tracked and reviewed with each training activity presenting a chance for mentors to provide digital feedback via On.Board. This ensures your carers stay motivated to complete their training and get useful guidance and advice in areas of their training where they are struggling.

In addition, On.Board’s self-reflection forms provide carers with the opportunity to think about how they have applied newly learnt theory in practice, after which mentors can once again feedback.


Reporting provided with e-learning ranges from none to limited. More advanced e-learning platforms may provide reports on carer progress through their training but effective homecare training is about more than whether your carers have clicked through the relevant pages of e-learning. It’s also about the effectiveness of your training programme itself and the level of engagement of your managers in assisting their carers through their training.

On.Board provides 9 quick and easy reports, including those addressing carer progress but also reports on manager performance in providing all-important feedback and on the performance of the training programme. This holistic view of homecare training provides greater insights into how you can develop the most effective team of carers.

You don’t just need to take our word for it. Request your free demo of On.Board here and see for yourself what On.Board can offer your agency.


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