Are your managers effective coaches? Find out with On.Board’s powerful reporting!

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Unlike many mobile learning platforms which focus on content only, On.Board is based on Prosell’s heritage in learning and performance coaching. It improves role readiness and employee engagement by ensuring learners are supported by and connected to the people who can best develop them.

The development team have been busy and recently launched some advanced reporting features! These reports provide higher visibility on the progress of learners, but also the performance of local leaders and overall performance of programs which can be especially beneficial when you are managing programs for a high volume of employees across widespread geographical locations.

Why are these crucial?

We all know that it is important for us to evaluate our programs. Many digital learning platforms provide summary reports of overall learner progress and performance, however On.Board’s reporting feature goes beyond this. For the first time users can assess the quality of coaching conversations and identify how quick managers are to support their employees.

Imagine if you were to review the progress of your learners and see that a few are not doing so well. Is that level of performance down to the learner’s low commitment or a manager’s lack of support?

Now imagine if you could see the level and quality of support provided by the local leader and provide them with direct feedback on their coaching skills?

This can be easily done using three unique reports. They are the Hub overview, Activities by Approver and Comments report. Using these you can identify the time lag between when an activity was submitted and when it was approved, as well as the quality of the feedback given and number of words used, helping you to measure accountability.

The 12 reports include:

Program overview: a high-level summary of each program, showing the number of activities completed and participants in each.

Activity overview:
 a summary enabling you to see overall progress activity by activity. Use this report to track the “flow” through programs or identify content bottlenecks.

Learner overview: show progress of each learner and includes information on when On.Board was last accessed and who is in their Performance Hub.

Hub overview: a summary showing the numbers of activities approved and yet to be approved by local leaders. This helps identify any latency in the performance hub. It also shows the numbers of comments made and the average numbers of words written as feedback.

Activities by approver: a detailed report showing timestamp information on when activities are completed and approved. Great for when you need to investigate how much lag time there is in the Performance Hub.

Activities by learner: a detailed report showing each learner’s progress. Any lag between finishing an activity and having them signed off will also be displayed here. Activity scores are shown here as are the number of comments the learner and others in the Performance Hub have left.

Quiz reports: a summary report listing each learner’s attempt at each quiz. For each submitted quiz, the learner’s score and whether the learner has attained the pass mark is displayed.

Form detail: a detailed report listing each learner’s response to each refection form question. This report can be used to conduct your own program evaluations, satisfaction surveys, competence assessments etc.

Two-part form detail: similar to ‘form detail’, except this report contains responses from both the learner and the approver. This report can be used to monitor the quality of guided feedback that approvers are giving to their learners.

Comments: a detailed report listing comments left for each participant. This enables you to see the quality of coaching conversations participants are having within their performance hub.

How can you view this data?

All this data can be viewed on screen by administrators. From there you can use the filtering feature to pull out specific data. Alternatively, for added flexibility data extracts can also be downloaded and input to an LMS, SQL or visualization/business intelligence software, making it easier to identify and analyze patterns.

How could this data be used?

Get started!

If you would like to find out more about the On.Board reporting feature, get in touch via and one of our representatives will be in touch. And of course, let us know what you think, we would appreciate your feedback!


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