Heartfelt Care diary: learning theory with On.Board

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Continuing with our series of diary blogs following Somerset care agency Heartfelt Care as they trial using On.Board for their homecare training, here’s their Managing Director Marie on how their carers are faring 2 months on.

Currently, our carers are at different stages in their training. We’ve increased the number of carers we now have on the pilot scheme, with a couple of people who are nearly at the end of it all and some that have just started. My admin assistant has been brilliant at guiding them through, and I do as much as I can, whenever I get a spare moment. 

What our carers think about On.Board

All of our carers have come back and said how much they like On.Board. They love the layout, the fact it’s online and can be accessed anywhere, anytime and the videos. It’s made such a huge difference, particularly to those people who have different learning styles. 

I would say video is probably the standout feature: YouTube and Health England have some amazing videos available that are really helpful to training. Health England in particular approach some parts of training from a different perspective and keep things really fresh. So it’s great to be able to embed that content in our training programme via On.Board.  

Building relationships

I think On.Board has really encouraged communication between carers and senior staff. It helps people to see things from a different perspective through the digital feedback and prompts carers to evaluate their work and discuss it with us. It’s also been useful among senior staff as we help each other approve, comment and give feedback. 

Tailoring training

The flexibility of the software is amazing; we’re able to move sections around to make them more interesting and relevant as our staff grow. For example: adding extra health and safety elements into moving and handling. We can also add comments for carers encouraging them to look at their surroundings and see possible hazards.

Access and ease of use

I wouldn’t say it’s speeding up how quickly carers complete their training. After all, they are really busy people. But it’s good that it is there whenever they need it and they can do it in their own time. 

We have set up a computer in the office so that when carers come in, they can sit down and do some training uninterrupted while they are there. We’ve found this to be a very popular way of doing things. This way, those people who aren’t quite so good on computers can have a bit of support from us and ask questions.

We have also taken advantage of the opportunity to additional learning resources and found PDFs are particularly useful. Though the system works on a mostly paperless basis, it’s really good to actually be able to print off these resources if we need, or carers can store it separately online. 

We’ve found that giving people real-life scenarios is really useful too, it helps them understand their training more and we can add these as resources too. 

Room for improvement

I would say the only stumbling block about using On.Board is the fact that carers are so busy so can forget their training needs to be done and the platform lacks a built-in reminder system. I find myself having to get a bit grumbly with people to make sure their training doesn’t go on the backburner. If On.Board had some form of prompt or deadline to make sure people completed certain sections by a certain time that would be extremely helpful.  

Footnote: Customers have been saying to us for a while that their learners would benefit from reminders to log in to the platform and complete their next scheduled activities.  We have listened and we’re delighted to announce that the functionality to set automated weekly learner reminders was launched in June. 

More on the way from Marie on her On.Board experience as observations and shadowing become the focus. In the meantime, if you want to take a look at On.Board yourself, request a free demo here.


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