How we support you as an On.Board customer

The spotlight this month is on Gemma Morrell, Prosell’s On.Board Services and Support Manager.  Working with the support team, Gemma ensures that we deliver effective business support and services to our On.Board customers.  Customers bring different challenges and insights to the table; on any given day, she may be fielding queries through our Service Desk, […]

Using On.Board to verify good practice in the workplace

Recently, a large multi-site manufacturer approached us, having identified a very specific application for On.Board, our digital learning platform.

On.Board: improving the training of field technicians and engineers

Utilizing digital technology can improve how quickly and effectively you train up your field technicians and engineers. Whether you work in construction or utilities, mobile platforms can make it easier for your employees to become productive members of the team.

Preparing for CQC inspection day: getting your homecare team ready

It is perfectly normal for both registered managers and homecare workers to feel anxious when under the watchful eye of a CQC inspector, or while answering their probing questions. However, there are steps you can take to reduce that anxiety.

Cultural fit: Helping new hires fit in through the onboarding process

We’ll explore how you can effectively communicate your cultural values so that your new hires will know how to apply these values to their decision-making and behavior at work.

Operational Onboarding; do your new hires feel ‘at home’?

Do I belong here? Will I get along with my co-workers? What’s the purpose of my role? These are all questions your new hires will be asking themselves and effective onboarding can help ensure the answers are positive.

A guide to meeting Care Certificate standards: basic life support & infection prevention and control

There is no telling what a visit to a service user will bring, from routine assistance with personal care to managing unexpected bouts of illness. On rare occasions, your carers may be faced with a medical emergency.

A guide to meeting Care Certificate standards: privacy and dignity & handling information

Admitting that you need help isn’t always easy. For service users who have long led independent, fulfilling lives realising and accepting that they need homecare can be especially difficult.

4 crucial elements to successful onboarding

A fifth of staff turnover happens within the first 3 months of hiring. That’s why getting your onboarding right from day one is so important and why we’ve put together this blog series on how to provide effective onboarding.

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