How comprehensive is your onboarding dashboard?

If you’re responsible for onboarding, you’ll know that brilliant orientation involves many different activities. Some delivered offline, such as shadowing, mentoring, classroom training and some online, such as elearning.  A frequent challenge is ensuring that each new hire experience is consistent and impactful;  tracking and verifying that all activities have been completed, particularly if they […]

Dementia: training your carers to rise to the challenge

950,000 today, 1 million by 2025 and 2 million by 2050. These are the rising numbers of people in the UK with dementia, according to the Alzheimer’s Society. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that the demand for homecare increasingly requires dementia care. In fact, the UKHCA estimates that up to 60% of current service […]

Heartfelt Care diary: learning theory with On.Board

Continuing with our series of diary blogs following Somerset care agency Heartfelt Care as they trial using On.Board for their homecare training, here’s their Managing Director Marie on how their carers are faring 2 months on.

How can you keep your field team engaged?

Two-thirds of US workers are not engaged with their work at a cost to companies of up to $600 billion a year in lost productivity, according to Gallup. Construction, utilities, repair and maintenance are no exception, with field technicians and engineers even more vulnerable to disengagement due to the isolating nature of their work. Communication […]

“Social with a Purpose”

Customer feedback is a key part of our product strategy and several had been asking when we would introduce a social learning dimension to On.Board.  In fact, we had been considering this for a while but with so much conflicting information and views on the subject, we wanted to fully explore how such functionality would […]

How we make On.Board work hard for our customers

This month the spotlight is on Robert Luhse, Prosell’s Digital Project Manager. On.Board customers have Rob, and his team of software developers, to thank for the platform’s steady flow of new releases,  functionality enhancements and robust security features.  We talked to Rob about the highlights and challenges of his role.

Training your field technicians and engineers to mitigate and reduce risk

Risk is a part of any business venture but the construction, installation, maintenance and repair industries come with a greater risk of employee injury and fatality, with the National Safety Council listing these industries in their top 5 occupations with the largest number of workplace injuries that result in absence from work. This, of course, […]

Overcoming the shortage of experienced carers through homecare training

You want to deliver excellent care and you need experienced carers. But what are you meant to do now that there is such a shortage of experienced carers? How can you ensure you continue to deliver a high level of care when you’re increasingly forced to hire individuals with little or no homecare experience? The answer lies in providing more effective homecare training.

Onboarding: share and track learning to optimize speed to competence

How well are your new hires faring in their first few months at your organization? Are they getting everything they need from their onboarding experience? Are your managers and team leaders giving them the support they need? These are all questions that an effective, streamlined onboarding experience can answer. In this blog, as part of […]

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