Digital Learning

Digital Learning is an established part of our training mix. As an organisation that has the necessary skills to deliver workshops, coaching and technology supported training, we use appropriate methods of learning to suit the subject, training purpose and organisation's cultural requirements.

We believe that context is key. We therefore work with you to create media rich content and a delivery platform that reflects what you need.  We use our expertise in sales, customer service and management – in collaboration with your experiences – to customise training programmes, through the use of blended learning solutions, such as webinars, mLearning and elearning platforms.

Digital Age Opportunities?

Over the past ten years, the world has begun to move towards the new genre of learning, mLearning. With the improved efficiency and connectivity of mobile networks, as well as the prevalence of affordable devices, the rise of blended learning has laid a foundation for a shift to personal digital learning or mLearning. Nowadays smartphones have become a part of our everyday lives and we rely on them for instant communication, information, news updates and social connectivity.

It has revolutionised the way people learn. Compared to a few years ago, employees now want just-in-time learning and are proactively seeking different learning and development channels via their smartphones. They download apps, seek information via search engines and even engage via social networks to find out information from their peers. 

Incorporating learning into our online lifestyles has provided the perfect opportunity for companies to take all the features of eLearning and make them more efficient.

What is mLearning?

mLearning is learning that can be enhanced through portable devices. Many people see mLearning as a follow up to eLearning and actually prefer this type of learning, as it is more adaptable to their lifestyle. Additional benefits of mLearning are:

Where does mLearning work?

mLearning provides opportunities to build initial knowledge and check understanding. It also provides a refresher tool for those who need to access learning quickly, in timeframes that workshops and coaching training sessions cannot meet.

mLearning works best in companies that:

Our Story 

We have always had an active interest in how technology can aid learning and development. We first started out in 1996 wherein we introduced digital learning into our training programmes in the form of a CD-ROM. This involved having multiple virtual rooms with an abundance of resources such as quizzes, information and videos to enrich and test sales people on their skills and product knowledge.

With the rise of internet capabilities and technological advancements, we soon realised that this was the opportune time to develop training programmes by incorporating eLearning platforms and simulation software. In more recent years, we noticed a rapid change in on-demand learning and the need for a more innovative way to learn. It was for this reason that we moved into the mobile learning space to meet the needs of modern learners and help companies develop a more integrated approach to training.

Our mLearning Apps

Next Steps

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