A truly engaging learning experience

A single mobile platform to create, access, track and evaluate all learning and coaching activities. On.Board delivers an engaging learning experience that develops skills and knowledge and ramps up performance.

An award winning platform that facilitates ‘learning by doing’ with a variety of unique activities and human touchpoints

Your ‘Performance Hub’ seamlessly connects employees and managers to develop and support coaching and learning

Totally customizable to your organization’s needs with sophisticated reporting to track engagement and measure performance

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Performance Hub

You can create personalized ‘Performance Hubs’ where you connect learners with those people best placed to develop them; their managers, local leaders, coaches, experts and trainers to enable performance focused conversations.
With our powerful reporting and communication capability, those established relationships can conveniently track progress and engagement and provide specific and timely feedback, anytime, anywhere.

Learn by doing

The On.Board platform enhances the learning experience by aligning content, activities and people. It provides evidencing and feedback opportunities throughout the learning journey to manage development and team growth.
Learning a new skill or knowledge
Access relevant content 1

Study prerequisite materials

Apply learning 2

Complete practice activity in which learning is applied

Submit evidence for review 3

Share photos, videos and reflections of applied learning

Receive feedback & adjust behavior 4

Learner receives feedback and applies changes to their approach

Capability developed

Setting up your program

It no longer takes months to create your training program and better yet, you don’t have to have a design background. Our simple platform makes it easy for your admins or managers to create programs. It empowers your people to help make customized learning happen.

Five simple steps to get started

1. Brand your platform

2. Setup your Performance Hub

3. Import, link and create your content

4. Incorporate coaching moments

5. Launch and track

Unite your resources

On.Board is built around your needs. We offer a unique, branded experience that is customized to your culture, identity and existing content and systems. We will work closely with you to drive engagement and performance.
  • Third Party e-learning assets
  • Video, PDF, MS Office assets and images
  • Offline workshop workplace activities

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