The Agency and the App

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Have you ever heard the tale of the Agency and the AppIt’s a tall tale, where our hero faces a real challenge and it looks like they will fail but…well, we will find out, won’t we? Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.

Once upon a time in a place very close to you, there was a homecare agency. It was run by a dedicated Registered Manager, whose dream was to create the best agency that was humanly possible and provide the best care possible to their clients.

The agency selected only the very best carers, and set to work giving them the best training they knew possible. First, they gave their home carers classroom training, teaching everything from lone working to first aid. Next, knowing the flexibility and power of e-learning, they provided a series of courses. The final stage was workplace shadowing and observation, arming their carers with real-life knowledge and experience.

The Registered Manager sat happily at the agency, pleased with the work the agency had done….but blissfully unaware that trouble was brewing beneath the surface. The carers they had spent so much time training were not happy. In fact, they were feeling stressed, over-stretched and under-prepared for the challenges ahead. Their training had felt like ticking boxes to satisfy the big, bad, Care Quality Commission (CQC).

As time went by, more and more carers were calling in sick, and even worse, people began to leave altogether. The demand for their services was high, but the number of qualified and capable carers they had was woefully low. The castle the Registered Manager had lovingly built was crumbling down.

What would possibly become of the Registered Manager and the beloved homecare agency?

But then, fortune struck and the Agency discovered the answer to all of their woes, the new app On.Board. Designed specifically for the challenges of homecare agencies in mind, this mobile learning platform gave the Registered Manager and the Agency’s carers the gifts of flexibility and feedback. Carers were able to access training any time, any place, meaning they could complete their training whilst on the move between busy shifts. The innovative app actively encouraged them to reflect on their learning, which in turn prompted mentors and managers to respond with vital encouragement and direction (especially beneficial during observation and shadowing).

Actively learning in real time and with the support they so critically needed, the carers began to feel more confident and engaged at the homecare agency. The happier they grew, the less they called in sick, the less they left the agency.

The castle began to rebuild itself, this time with firm foundations, and it was finding itself to be stronger than ever when faced with the challenges presented by the CQC. The agency was able to meet the high demand that was available, with a better quality of care and happy staff. What’s more, they began to receive feedback from service users who enjoyed their visits and encouraged them to come back more.

And so, readers, you’ll be delighted to learn that the Registered Manager and the Agency went on to achieve the level of service they had always dreamed of, producing competent and confident carers who felt valued and supported in their career journey, giving only the best care. And, as we had hoped, they all lived happily ever after.

Want to find out more about how On.Board can empower your agency to be the best it can be?

Sign up for a free demo now to explore the features of this new app and see what a difference it could make in your agency. Keep an eye out for our free webinars too, exploring the topics of engagement and learning within homecare.


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