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The On.Board development team have been working on a great new feature which looks to make the sharing of activities easier and building of programs faster!

The Activity Repository is a library of best practice activities that have been shared by others in your organization and can be copied into your own program. As an administrator of a program, you are also able to deposit any of your own activities that you think might be of use to others.

The benefit of this feature is that it enhances the content building experience. It can feel overwhelming at first when your program has been set up and you have a blank curriculum. With this new feature you can simply copy across activities which you feel would be relevant for your program.

You can use these activities as templates to get started and get inspiration from them. On the flip side, you might have invested time and effort into creating an activity that you feel others in your organization would benefit from.

As an On.Board customer you will also receive the benefit of access to a list of Prosell best practice activities, that encourage learners to apply their learning in the field and share evidence of this with their manager for feedback.

If you would like to know more about this feature and see it in action, sign up for a short demo here.


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