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Our Story: The Details

Prosell started life in 1985 as a performance improvement consultancy; focused on ensuring effective skills were embedded in the workplace. Our approach was based on a belief that effective front-line managers have the most profound impact on workplace performance. We ran many successful programs with dual strands which included skills development for front-line employees with simultaneous coaching development for their managers.

Following a series of highly successful programs, we realised that embedding coaching skills using follow-ups, was highly effective and in 1997, our performance coaching program for front-line managers, Procoach, was born.

In 1999, digital tools emerged and began to expand in the workplace. We started to produce eLearning content for customers and used performance coaching to transfer the learning to the workplace.


As digital platforms matured around 2006, we were able to add personalized learning programs through assessment and supported the creation of digital sales academies, but line manager coaching remained a key ingredient to turn personalized learning into individual effectiveness.

2012 Our heritage of digital learning and performance coaching were called upon to solve an onboarding challenge for a major US corporate organization. The client was onboarding 700 people per year with limited training resources but a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve. The answer lay in providing digital learning content but with clear accountability for local manager support.

Our resulting Web App capitalized on the latest mobile technologies to leverage the convenience of anytime, anywhere learning with field-based activities requiring feedback from managers to drive engagement with total visibility of all activities and interactions. The resulting implementation not only showed a 25% uplift in new hire performance but a reduction in attrition. 

After seeing the positive impact this bespoke solution had on our client, sharing the story with other clients and implementing further bespoke instances of our solution, we quickly realized that we needed to scale this solution.

2016 We built a SaaS product, enabling a faster implementation, more economical pricing and the ability to service multiple customers.

2017 We are proud to have reached over 50,000 users globally as of today (April 2017). We continue to enhance and evolve this product by creating a multilingual version, incorporating social collaboration and further enhancing the reporting functionality in order to ignite coaching conversations that inspire and enable the fulfillment of each new hire's potential, globally!



  • Access your program anytime/anywhere on any mobile device
  • Welcoming intuitive interface
  • Structured activities provided through the convenience of a to-do list
  • Receive feedback on activities from your Performance Hub
  • Connected to your focused network via facetime/skype/email
  • Get email alerts on latest feedback from your Performance Hub connections
  • Know how well you are doing with progress bars

Performance Hub connections

  • Connections can be a Manager, Subject matter expert, Coach, Mentor, Trainer, Leader, Director
  • Feedback requirements are specific, focused and timely making performance support easy
  • Convenient reminders when feedback is due
  • Visibility of individual learner progress
  • Powerful reporting on team performance


  • Structure your program using inbuilt functionality that requires no developer experience
  • Easy collaboration through defining different admin roles and access levels
  • Create quizzes, knowledge checks and activities using our content building tool
  • Make use of your existing content by embedding URLs, SCORM packages and attach files (video, PDF, MS Office)
  • Enroll participants and quickly configure the relationships within your Hub
  • Analyze and track performance using powerful reporting features with export capability for 3rd party reporting tools
  • Be confident knowing that best practice handouts and FAQs are available to guide you