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Over the past five articles we have sought to share what we see as best practices regarding onboarding of new hires. We have examined what we consider as four critical pillars of an effective onboarding program:

We have promoted an approach which puts the new hire in the ‘driving seat’ by providing the new hire with clarity regarding the documentation required as well as tasks and activities which encourage networking and experiential learning to provoke feedback and grow capability.

To achieve this, we believe certain ingredients need to be brought together:

Our observations:

One of the challenges of onboarding when many stakeholders are involved is how to co-ordinate all the contributions when no one person is accountable for any one new hire’s experience. In our experience, the HR team will manage the enrollment process and may organize a company ‘induction’ focused on orienting the new hire to the company. Other stakeholders are responsible for providing tools such as phone, tablet and workspace and then we have the L&D team providing specific system, product and experiential development with local leadership responsible for encouraging networking and application of learning. The new hire may need to deal with four or five departments in their first 90 days which illustrates the potential for confusion and frustration if the overall process is not mapped out and clearly understood by each party.


In our experience, there are many platforms in use that cater for onboarding including many LMS platforms and hiring platforms, what we see with these is that they are typically engineered from an administrator perspective. So, for those administering the hiring and induction/orientation experience or managing the development component, there are tools that do either of these roles admirably, however from the new hire perspective they have to transition from one platform to another to receive the elements required.

We have developed a platform which puts the new hire at the center of the experience by providing a means through which they can navigate tasks, experiential learning activities and admin requirements of their onboarding program. Our platform also enables allocation of accountability to different stakeholders for different tasks and notifies them when their involvement is required to drive engagement and a new hire centric experience. The platform also enables users to maximize experiential learning using modern mobile device features to support evidence production through photo, video, screen shot capture as well as the convenience of mobility and notifications.

Finally, whilst our reporting dashboard provides all the typical data regarding new hire digital learning and development, it also includes visibility of experiential learning and stakeholder activities. This means that accountability can be measured by leaders, giving a more complete picture when new hires fail to succeed and also highlighting those that truly support their new hires. This additional layer of data can help ensure that valuable new hires receive the support and feedback required to optimize their speed to competence.

If you would like to discuss your onboarding requirements and how our onboarding Web App can highlight accountabilities, track completion of experiential learning and provide a cohesive onboarding journey for your new hires, please do get in touch.


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