New Hire Wants and Needs

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Work today has changed which has driven the need for continuous learning. New hires have specific learning wants and needs in order to adapt to the evolution of the working world and technology. Therefore, digital learning is a ‘way’ of learning and not a ‘type’ of learning.

  1.  Wow your new hires with anytime, anywhere learning

Making a great first impression is always important. According to PWC, by 2020 nearly half the workforce will be Millennials and they expect their development to be accessible via tablets and smartphones. If you are to retain these employees, you need to make your programs mobile.

Mobile learning means that it is flexible and complements modern lifestyles, meaning that new employees learn whenever and wherever it suits them. This ensures higher completion rates, greater engagement and faster results.

On.Board is: a cloud based solution and compatible with all mobile devices. The Web App can be configured for self-serviced learning or set-up with prerequisite learning via milestones and gated stages.

  1. Coaching improves engagement and drives performance

We know that coaching works however many managers find it difficult to coach their new hires. Whether it be that they can’t find the time, are on the road or are not sure what to coach the new hire on. It is extremely important that your new hires feel supported, especially during their first few months.

Through On.Board: managers can track progress of new hires, and identify development opportunities. They can also provide instant feedback and coaching using the inbuilt communication features – face time, comments and email. Therefore, On.Board makes coaching opportunities specific, timely and convenient, making the process easier for managers to deliver a great coaching experience.

  1. New hires want bite-size learning

Many onboarding programs expect new hires to learn lots of information in a short space of time. Research on knowledge retention indicates that the human brain gets quickly over whelmed when too much is being processed at once. One way to reduce the cognitive overload is to break learning into bite-size chunks.

With On.Board you can: incorporate different types of bite-size learning such as videos, quizzes and interactives e-learning modules. These are provided as daily to-do’s which can be accessed on any device, anywhere, bringing bite-size learning to a coffee queue near you.

  1. Getting onboarding right delivers significant cost benefits

It is true that the initial cost to design customized online learning is higher than instructor led training. However, if you ensure high use by using bite-size learning, follow up coaching sessions and put in place an engagement plan then the cost/benefit becomes favorable.

With On.Board:  you can incorporate existing learning content from most 3rd party e-learning authorware, create new content using inbuilt tools or we can help you create it. Users of On.Board have seen tangible increases in performance and engagement.


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