On.Board is a performance development platform. It builds the bridge between content and application (knowing and doing) by facilitating the application of learning back into the workplace, all in one platform... It's like a turbocharged LMS.

Our solution delivers an engaging learning experience by taking the classroom to the field so employees can demonstrate what they really learn. Users can brand, design and build powerful programs, backed by a suite of reports built around your employee and organizational needs. The reports provide visibility to all stakeholders of participant progress and coaching support. A single mobile platform to access, track and feedback on all learning. It couldn’t be simpler!




You can connect learners with those people best placed to develop them; managers, local leaders, coaches, experts and trainers. With our powerful reporting and communication capability, those established relationships can conveniently check progress and provide specific and timely feedback.

We believe it is the combination of engaging content and access to a Performance Hub of people with different expertise, that will increase engagement, ramp up performance and reduce attrition rates.