Tech Features

A short overview of our solutions technical features and specifications

On.Board technology - designed to help you deliver performance improvement


A flexible solution 

On.Board helps you to get your people working together more effectively and more efficiently to achieve better business results

"Our cloud-based solution" below describes the Cloud-based technology we call “On.Board”. When you need results quickly, you will find that On.Board gives you everything you need to get the job done in days rather than weeks or months. It works – out of the box

"Interoperability" below outlines some of the ways in which On.Board can work with your corporate resources if you have systems, processes, data or learning assets you want to leverage. If you have other bespoke requirements, please contact us for more information

On.Board has been designed to be mobile- and DIY-first, but if you do need support, there is a dedicated On.Board helpdesk, a comprehensive knowledge base is built in to the On.Board platform and Prosell also provide design, build and consultancy services  


Our cloud-based solution

The On.Board web app

  • Can be accessed 24/7 from any device: desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Responsively built, supporting all popular browsers. Full tablet and mobile support on iOS and Android 
  • Built in standards-compliant HTML5 and CSS3 with no reliance on Flash
  • Standard open source code frameworks used throughout
  • All incorporated software, images, fonts supplied under a paid for licence and information maintained in code
  • Tracks learner knowledge and test results
  • Gives visibility at all levels on commitment and capability levels of the various stakeholders
  • Onscreen and email notifications remind participants to take action
  • Highly configurable “performance hubs”, bringing together those people who are responsible for each other’s development

Databases and hosting

  • On.Board is powered by Microsoft SQL
  • Windows servers hosted with Rackspace
  • Separate database and load balanced web servers located outside your firewall

Content Management System

  • Learning curricula can either be open or gated using milestones and/or approvals
  • Activities can include text and multimedia, forms to collect user input, file attachments (PDF, MS Office Suite, etc), website links, multiple choice quizzes and SCORM-compliant e-learning (1.2 and 2014)
  • All quickly and easily configurable in our open source CMS built in .Net


  • 11 different reports are available, with overviews and details of all participant outcomes and behaviours
  • Viewable onscreen or downloadable as .csv



Single Sign On

  • On.Board supports SAML Single Sign On (SSO)
  • No extra passwords for your people
  • Increased security and convenience

Auto-registration, enrolment and auto-set up of “performance hubs”

  • On.Board’s “inferencing engine” can be fed with rules operating on information from your HRIS to automate participant set-up
  • Participants can also be tagged with relevant business information, e.g. job family, location, channel, business unit, etc
  • Bulk admin operations can also be performed manually in On.Board’s back-end dashboard

Your content embedded or linked

  • Your existing SCORM-compliant e-learning modules can easily be embedded, launched and tracked in On.Board
  • Launch whole On.Board programs from within your LMS
  • Link out from On.Board programs to assets held within your LMS or on your intranet
  • Reinvigorate your existing learning assets by situating them in a performance hub where commenting, coaching and challenging ensure the learning converts to value

Work with your favorite tools

  • If you have vendors who provide non-SCORM or non-TinCan authoring, assessment or simulation software but who publish APIs, please contact us for more integration options

Data extracts

  • All On.Board data is archived daily
  • Archive extracts are available to client administrators at the touch of a button
  • Extracts comprise database tables output as .csvs and packaged as zip folders
  • These extracts can be used to input to client LMSs, SQL and/or client visualisation / business intelligence software