How this works

Find out how our tool has created 'the best ever onboarding experience'

Sound complicated? Not at all, there are 5 easy steps from start to launch:


For a customized learning experience, content can easily be created or you can link to existing content using inbuilt tools. Coaching moments can also be incorporated to ensure direct feedback and support is provided on relevant activities.

1. Brand your Web App

2. Setup your Performance Hub

3. Import, link and create your content

4. Incorporate coaching moments

5. Launch and track

We believe the power of mobile learning is in supporting experiential learning. Inviting learners to curate media files and other assets drives engagement. The production of evidence enables feedback to be specific, accurate and timely; a potent mix to accelerating performance.

Example of how learning in the field can be applied:

By encouraging new hires to reflect on their learning and to curate content, you transform your new hire from passive recipient to engaged performer.

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