How do we help our salespeople become as effective as they can be using digital technology?

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So, before we get into exploring this question, let’s answer this one…   With all this digital technology, do we still need Salespeople?

A recent Harvard Business review study suggests we do.

It revealed that salespeople generated the most amount of sales for B2B organisations. This was because they were able to guide buyers through the products, provide a personalized service and tailor it to the individual business needs.

So how can we help them get as good as they can be? What can digital technology through mobile learning do to help?

Our new blog series and supporting webinars explores this by showing how mobile platforms can solve some of the following challenges to high performance sales skills:

In Blog 1 we shall be talking about the loneliness of selling.
 To foster growth mindsets and engender thoughts of potential not just performance, we must show understanding, empathy and perspective to those who do the sales role. How can we do this? How can we use digital solutions to help us with this very human condition?

Fact: Did you know that feelings of loneliness in the workplace can breakdown trust with supervisors and ultimately reduce motivation levels?

Additionally, when not supported, the stress and emotional roller coaster of the sales role increases chances of burnout leading to low job performance. (Cicala. J, 2014)

In Blog 2 we shall be exploring how mobile learning can fire attitude and a “desire to develop” and not just performance. How can we make peoples efforts to constantly develop their working practices more supported and visible? How can we foster growth mindsets?

Fact: Did you know that the latest research from neuroscience and cognitive psychology shows that salespeople with a growth mindset sell 38% more (Gerhard Gschwandtner, Selling Power Magazine).

In Blog 3 we shall be talking about the complexity of the sales role, and how we often underestimate the capability and confidence required to apply that knowledge. If the gathering of knowledge and building confidence to use it, is a bit like a plane waiting on a runway, how do we help take off? What needs to happen? How much support do we need to provide?

Fact: Did you know that even with less than optimal coaching skill sets, the impact on results can be as much as a six to eight percent increase per sales professional? (Harvard business review, 2011)

Furthermore, a study on the transfer of skills, found that employees who receive support from their manager, used and retained more of the learning than those not receiving support. (Dettaman and Steinberg, 1996)

In Blog 4 we shall be showing how one type of training experience does not satisfy everyone’s needs. We shall be referencing such areas as – how people learn and apply skills and how different people respond to different learning approaches and what mobile learning platforms can bring.  How can mobile learning experiences reflect different learning styles?

Fact: Did you know that in a recent study by Brainshark, only 32% of salespeople described their own organization’s training as effective?

In Blog 5 we shall talk about where mobile learning in a business world can start to influence culture, performance and mindset. Did you know that, inevitably, as with the Sound of Music’s Do-Re-Me, it will be at “the very beginning”?

It all starts before you actually join your company. How do you do that? A structured onboarding program. Your interview, pre and onboarding early days significantly influences your perception.

Fact: Did you know that 58% of new employees are more likely to stay with the organization after three years if they have experience a structured onboarding? (Wynhurst Group, 2007). Consider how much this could save your organization.

We hope that you have found this blog insightful and provides food for thought. We would be interested to hear your views on sales performance challenges and how you have overcome them. Which methods have you found most effective?

Stay tuned for our next blogs, where we will delve deeper in to each one of these points!  


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