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Monday, 15 January 2018 17:27

Activity of the Month: Evidence Upload

One of our most powerful activities uses the “upload” feature to encourage participants to demonstrate evidence of learning for review and feedback. For example, a technical engineer could be asked to solve a problem which requires them to connect two cables. Once completed, the learner would upload a picture of this and it would be reviewed by their manager.

This has led to multiple benefits including:

  • Increasing visibility and reducing supervision costs. Rather than a supervisor having to be on site to check quality of tasks completed, learners can submit evidence of their work for review.

  • Increasing first time fix rates. This type of activity ensures learners receive direct support and feedback quickly for key activities in their program. By providing evidence, managers and subject matter experts are able to pick up on any errors and share their knowledge and experience.

  • Coaching conversation are more specific. When having one-to-ones, managers can refer to completed activities and uploaded evidence.

  • Increases engagement. Participants feel more engaged when they are supported, confident in their role and feel they have developed a good relationship with their managers.

  • L&D can use this “evidence” to prove levels of competence and provide certificates and accreditations. Moving away from time consuming exams, which are not always a great indicator of skills and knowledge.

The "upload feature" can also be used to upload reports, pdfs, videos, voice recordings and MS office documents. If you would like to know more about this and see it in action, sign up for a short demo here.