Activity of the month: Scenario based video challenge

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An activity which recently caught our eye was a “Video Challenge” built in On.Board. It involved a learner being asked to watch a scenario and as a customer service representative, upload a recording of their response to solve the problem. This recording would then be reviewed by their supervisor for personalized feedback.

Such a simple activity, yet so powerful. One of the main benefits is that the activity is performed in a risk-free environment.

What we mean by this, is that the learner gets to practice their skills in a controlled environment where they are free to make mistakes at no cost to the business.

By submitting their response for review by their supervisor, the learner gets the added benefit of receiving personalized feedback. This helps them to further improve and feel more confident when carrying out their role in the workplace.

If you would like to finding out more about building engaging activities that encourage participants to apply and embed learning, please do get intouch!


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