Activity of the Month: Scavenger Hunt

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Sometimes when joining a new organization, one of the hardest things to get to grips with is all the new systems and software. One recent activity that caught our eye is a “Scavenger Hunt” that helps new employees navigate their way round different systems in a fun and interactive activity.

It does this by asking learners to “get their hands dirty”. Following a set of questions, they are asked to log in to these systems and find a resource or complete an action within the software. It encourages learners to get hands on, by logging in and finding things for themselves, increasing the likelihood that they will remember it a few months down the line.

This activity might also include a set of questions or a quiz to check understanding, such as explaining in which scenario you would use a particular software.

It could also be used to tackle other tricky aspects of joining a new organization such as getting to know people’s names and roles. Why not do a scavenger hunt where an employee is required to get to know at least one person from three different departments, logging their names and explaining the function the department has in supporting the business goals.


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