Activity of the month: Getting the best from job shadowing

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One of our clients uses job shadowing as a part of their onboarding training mix. It helps learners to see the importance of the skills they are developing, and how they are applied in real life customer situations. But one frequent challenge is knowing what the participant has learnt.

This client has cleverly used the On.Board form builder to create self-reflection forms that encourage their participants to think about what they have learnt, how they might use this knowledge in their new role and in what situations they might use that particular skill.

The job shadowing activity has then been set-up to be reviewed by a manager who provides feedback and additional information the learner may need. Here is an example:

Is job shadowing part of your training mix? How is it going? We would love to hear some of your stories in the comment box below.

Would you like to explore this in more detail? We would be happy to put you in touch with one of our clients or program build experts. Get in touch and let us know!


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